Monday, March 5


She wanted to reach the stars

and set foot on her journey

She walked too fast

leaving the world behind

But darkness overcame

and sadness was no shame

the earth still spun

like every single day

and her life just flipped

in every single way

She floated and felt no gravity

Her mouth; dry and

so was her speech

she could see the stars;

but they were still out of reach

The closer she drew

the further they got

and then she thought:

"Is this what I want?

This incessant chase,

this persistent race?"

Was all of it worth

leaving the world?

she felt weightless,

and saw her soul

rise outside the lifeless

body, that she just left.

Hazy was her vision

Now forming a bokeh

of that once vivid mission,

of all those wonderful stars

that she wanted to once reach.

Did she lose her way,

did her path change?

Was this the revenge

the world was taking?

For she followed no norms,

And moved un-breaking

Surrounded by twisted dark skies

Against time and herself

In a mad race, she flies

She tries to finish

What she started once

Will she stop and turn and look,

at all those things that

could have been hers?

and all those things she mistook?

Will she soar high, or sink,

Into the waters of disappointment and un-accomplishment?


Ninaad said...

Wow. :D

Nikhil Mulgaokar said...

Really really nice! Wonderful stuff! :)